Holy $&@?! …. I Didn’t Know You Could Do That with Composite!

Course Details

Friday, September 13, 2024
9:00 – 4:30 pm
7 MCE credits

Speaker:  John Gammichia, DDS

This lecture is packed with over 1000 before-and-after photos, making it ideal for visual learners. It is comprehensive but easy to follow and will bring you up to speed on the latest techniques and products. Join Dr. Gammichia as he walks you through all types of posterior composites. The goal is to make bread-and-butter restorations more exciting, enjoyable, and profitable. The knowledge you gain will give you the confidence to perform larger and deeper restorations.

Whatever happened to the filling? The plain ole posterior composite. Conservative dentistry, such as fillings, has been overshadowed by more exciting procedures like porcelain crowns, CAD-CAM, and digital impressions in the last ten years. However, in a world that is constantly changing, it is more important than ever to practice conservative dentistry well.

Dr. Gammichia is bringing back the “sexiness” of fillings in his lectures. We know it sounds crazy, because what’s sexy about a filling? Fillings are so basic that you breezed through them in dental school. Yes, we’re talking about the fillings that you did “day in and day out” but now that you’re a “seasoned” dentist, you can’t help but feel less and less motivated when you see it on your schedule. Dr. Gammichia believes that fillings can be just as exciting as other procedures, and he wants to help dentists rediscover the joy of doing them. He will teach you how to make fillings that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and he will show you how to make the process more efficient and enjoyable for you and your patients.

Take a minute to imagine the overwhelming excitement of every one of your restorative patients when they learn that the procedure is less expensive, less invasive, and equally effective. Imagine a world where your patients are thrilled when they leave your office. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and soon you find yourself excited about posterior composites. Then you get even more excited when you realize you’re making money doing something that “wows” your patients.

If you’re looking to add some excitement back into your dental practice, then Dr. Gammichia’ s lectures are for you. He will help you see fillings in a whole new light, and he will give you the tools you need to make them the best they can be.


  • learn takeaways you can implement immediately.
  • learn how to create exquisite posterior composites and dispel common objections and stereotypes, such as “increased sensitivity,” “posterior composites don’t make money,” or “I don’t know if they are going to last”.
  • learn to love posterior composites again and leave with new tips and tricks to guarantee success.
  • learn how to create a filling that looks just like a natural tooth.



Audience: Dentists, hygienists, assistants